Note from Emilie: I love what I do! It's a blessing to me that I get to help you hold your family memories a little tighter, peek into history a little closer, and know even loved ones who may have already passed away a little better. Thank you for the privilege. Please look through my pricing below, and feel free to contact me with any questions or to request a restoration. I evaluate all photos myself from digital, scanned-in versions of the photo or photos, and I would be happy to give you a personal quote or answer any questions you may have.


Phone: 478-251-2842

Pricing: Light Restoration: $25

For minorly damaged photos. These may be slightly faded or have minimal damages to the background or other non-detailed areas of the photo. Discolorations, scratches, or damage from tape on the background, for example.

Moderate Restoration: $50

For more damages photos. These may have creases or folds, tears, or stains, which damage larger parts or more significant areas of the photograph.

Advanced Restoration: $75

For very damaged photos. These will have significant and possibly multiple large or destructive creases, folds, tears, or stains, or damage to highly detailed or significant areas of the photo (for example, faces).

Miracle Restoration: $ Price determined by evaluation.

For cases in which damage is incredibly extensive. This would include things like severe damage to multiple faces in the photo, piecing together a photo which has been ripped apart, or possibly even photos in which entire features of the face or body are no longer visible. Restoring extremely damaged photos takes an enormous amount of time and energy because I treat your photos like they are pictures of my own family, and I insist on getting them as close to perfect as I can. After I evaluate your photo and determine the level of work needed to restore it, I will be able to give you a price range estimate.

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