High School Senior Package 2021-2022

Parents and students: Excited for you to be entering your next chapter of life...Senior Year! Such an important part of your life story. Lots of decisions to be made at this point and opportunities to walk forward in. My prayer is for you to make the "best yes" decisions. Thank you for choosing to look at my senior photography options. I look forward to sharing with you and your child.

-Note: With each package you get access to the www.basicinvite.com to purchase your designer invitation if you want to use this. You get my cost price when you order. All Senior packages come with digital download from my website. You can also order through the website at my cost price. Any option you pick...I will always take several poses, so you will have plenty to choose from. Session fee paid at time of session. (Package 4 does include the entire senior year.)

Package #1: $150

-One outfit with cap and gown for local photo shoot (Spring just before graduation.)

-Additional outfit for $25 extra.

-40 Images

Package #2: $225

-Two outfits instead of one, local photoshoot

-60 Images

Package #3: $300

-Local session with 3 outfits

-80 Images Value

Package #4: $800

-This session is for students that want to have pictures throughout the year.

-5 Outfits (Formal drape, cap and gown in the spring)

-Available for any local location, session at beach can be scheduled with this

-This package is to help parents have this prepaid before the start of senior year.

-Approximately 250 to 300 Images.

-Includes a family session at anytime when doing senior pic, this includes a family pic with the graduate when these are taken.

-Prom session is extra, however, you get priority booking and the discount session at $125

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